R e t r e a t

with us



Come explore the majestic Caribbean island of Barbados with The Yoga Culture. We are embarking on an unforgettable journey together, while setting our intentions for the New Year. With the most absolute to die for beaches filled with gorgeous sea life, lush landscapes, and rich culture, it will be an ongoing adventure of the island and more importantly, an adventure inward into the self. This journey will be sure to ignite your soul and nurture your adventurous spirit.


NIcaragua April 20th - 25th 2020

The Yoga Culture is taking five days to reset and renew, while tucked away in these lush forests overlooking the pacific ocean. Our mornings will be filled with revitalizing yoga classes and the peaceful noises of the jungle. The nights? Well those will be spent star-gazing from the infinity deck in the treetops filled with laughter, community, music, and transformation. As always, The Yoga Culture’s journey inward will be one for the books.


BALI September 20th - 27th 2019

Bali, the island of the gods. A place that encourages healing, adventure and connection - internal and external. Come explore the island with us as we embark on a week long journey. Yoga twice a day, workshops, adventures around the island - this is more than just a yoga retreat, it’s an opportunity to build community and lasting friendships that turn to family.


Past retreaters

It was a priceless event that accumulated unexpected happiness, connection, break-throughs, and endless laughter. The yoga dedication, in combination with the facilitators awareness and helpfulness, created a one-of-a-kind retreat that has changed my life. Recommended to the shy folk, the out-going folk, the dedicated folk, and the curious folk.
— Anna Charleton